Saturday, August 10, 2013

Living Peaceably With Everyone

Are there those people that just rub you the wrong way?   Most of us don't want to admit it....but it happens.  We cringe inwardly at the approach of some folks.

Values, upbringing, education, social circles, similar hobbies or interests,  personalities, politics, and yes, religion, give us a connection to someone or not.

Recognizing the differences is okay. However, God desires that we live peaceably with all people whenever possible (Romans 12:18).  Romans 12: 9-21 is so beautiful as it instructs us how to live with one another.  "Let love be without dissimulation" - don't be a phony.
"Bless them which persecute you, bless and curse not," "If thine enemy hunger, feed him,"  "overcome evil with good."

But there is only one way to tolerate, make that love, even our enemies.  And of course that is with the love of Christ in us.  He can do the loving through us (we can't do it on our own).  That person may never be likeminded, or change their irritating habit, but with Christ working on us and our attitude we can accept them.  And then look above at that wonderful promise from Proverbs.  And there we are full circle back to Romans 12:18 - living peaceably with all!

Have a blessed day of peace!

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    Kim DeMasellis: great devotion, thank you.