Monday, August 12, 2013

Let Go!

It is totally right to call out to God in our times of question today is when God responds 'Do we trust him enough to let go of the problem?' We think we've given it to Him, but then we keep pulling it back.

Sometimes in our short-sightedness we may be hanging on to the thing that is the problem.    Yet, if we would just let go of some issue, or habit, or attitude (or sin) which is the real source of the problem, God could smooth things out.

Psalm 25:2 says, "O God, I put my trust in thee . . ." then in verse 4, "shew me thy ways O Lord, teach me thy paths..."

If we would just trust God with ALL of our life, he can be a lamp unto our path.  May I suggest that we quit tugging back on the problem, trust God and LET GO.

May you have a renewed trust in the Lord today!

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    Linda Kennedy Schmudde: This is so wonderful and so meaningful. I love it and need to share it. thanks for sharing it. love u

    Lynn Hummel: One of the cutest pictures I have seen! Lol so cute. And I love the devotion.