Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Lighthouse

This is Rawley Point Lighthouse Station in Two Rivers, Wisconsin (north of Manitowac).    Our family used to live here in the 60's.  It housed 3 quarters for families.  We lived first on the right side and then got to move into the left side of the quarters where we had a round living room and my folks had a round bedroom in the original light tower (1859).   The steel structure was erected in 1894.  The out building is the Signal building where the fog horn and radio equipment was located.

The painting is another miniature I did for my dad in 1989.   When you think of miniature lights you might think of stars in the sky, or tiny book lights...but isn't it amazing how much light they do give as tiny as they are?  

When Jesus asked us to be the light of the world I don't think he intended for one person to do it alone.   But the combined effort of all of us speaking of his glorious love would shine through darkness.

And sometimes when we face a dark time in our lives, even the smallest of lights can be a great comfort.   So if someone is facing troubled times and you may not have the words to give, just be a light of love and you can make a difference.

Let your light shine today.

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