Friday, July 19, 2013

Cast Your Cares Upon Him

Do you have a difficult time giving ALL your cares to God?  I do.  I feel as though there are some things too small for me to bother him.

But then there is that little 3 letter word . . .A-L-L.   Did you notice it?  A-L-L your care.

My grandchildren will get frustrated with the tiniest things.  A plastic car gets stuck in the plastic parking ramp.  They start to shriek, I step in and turn or pull the right way - problem solved!

Don't you think God is like that?   If we only ask him he is willing to step in because he cares for us.

The illustration above was done based on a true event, our grandchildren's dog escaped. (click here for another story) My daughter told me that her oldest (3 1/2 at the time) was praying in the back seat that the dog wouldn't get hit by a car. She knew that word...A-L-L. . . your cares.

If there is a care you would like to share and have me pray with you, leave a comment below.
God bless A-L-L your needs today.

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