Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Be Careful

This is a sketch of a bad rabbit.

My rabbit.

I am angry with my rabbit.

He was bad.

I am mad.

The bunny ate 1/2 a page from my Bible.

It was not my fault.

It was the bunny's.

I am not speaking to the bunny.

Okay - now that you are done laughing....I am still upset.  My Bible was not on the floor.  It was on my desk next to my art table!!   Tom and I went out to run errands.  While we were gone the bunny, who is a litter trained house rabbit,  apparently got up on my desk chair and jumped on my desk.  He nibbled three other art papers on my art table and then proceeded to eat half a page from Romans  (Guess he likes Italian food.)

Tom's reaction...."He's a rabbit!"
My reaction...."He's rabbit stew!"   Not really - but I'm still steamed. And Tom is right.  The bunny nibbles ALL.  DAY.  LONG.   That's why we have cord protectors on the electrical cords.  And blockade him from certain areas.  I left my desk chair out and bunnies are more curious than cats.  My fault?   Yeah, probably.   The bunny just did what bunnies do.  I was not careful to maintain the safety protocols.

Anyway, I had to get a devotion out of this to save the critter's this is what the Lord gave me.

Titus 3:8 states we have to be careful at all times to maintain our walk with the Lord. We are being observed by the unsaved.  They know better than we do how we are supposed to behave!  If we react unbecomingly, unlovingly, or unkindly it affects our testimony and opportunity to portray God's love.

We need to guard against falling short of our best for the Lord.  Maintaining good Christian habits is important to our Spiritual health and our witness.  When we fail to have daily prayer time, or Bible study it's like leaving the chair out for the devil to take a seat and nibble away.

We need to "walk circumspectly" (perfectly) according to Ephesians 5:15, and yes, it is possible with God's help.  We should eliminate the things that draw us away from the Lord, be they TV, computer, music, entertainment, or even friends that do not have a Christian walk.  Be careful to not speak ill of someone whether at home or work, but "Speaking to ourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in our heart to the Lord." (Ephesians 5:19)

Maintain your good works today, and watch out for bad bunnies!

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