Friday, August 30, 2013

We Are His

I don't think I could paint this scene because it is a picture only my heart could paint.  My love for my family.  It was my mom's 80th birthday today.  She is mostly home bound due to many health issues.  God blessed us and allowed her a good day and opportunity for my daughters and her great grandkids to be with her.  (The daughters' hubbys were working.)  We had an impromptu lunch:  pizzas and visited for a while.  

Mom ooohed and ahhhhed over pictures colored by the little ones especially for her.  She called me later, teary eyed and lump in her throat to say how precious it was to have us all there for her birthday.

Family is a beautiful treasure, despite the flaws we may have.  God did create each of us to be individual and beautiful.  We need to love each other and appreciate God's workmanship.

Treasure your family - hug often, forgive frequently and Love always.

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