Saturday, August 17, 2013

Water With Love

Tea parties are very important at our house.  It's a tradition I started when my first granddaughter was old enough to hold a little pink plastic teapot.  We have berries, cookies, jam, and lots of pretend tea - everywhere.   To catch all the 'tea,' I cover the table with big beach towels - or the floor if we're have a tea picnic.  And now the little grand boys  participate.  (They got tall enough to see cookies on the table.)

It's also a bonding time.  We talk in silly voices about silly things. Mostly,  I hope I'm leaving a heritage of love.  I pray that this may bring us closer for times ahead when they may seek advice or counsel.  Even as little as they are we talk about God and I hope that always continues.

Painting this illustration made me think about the need to build our relationships with new Christians too.  They need nurturing and guidance as much as a small child.  Why not a tea party - or coffee and dessert?    And then we must also water the ground wherever we go, making opportunity to spread God's love.

According to His word - as we water, we shall be watered (blessed) by God in return.  How beautiful is that?  Give refreshing to someone who may be dry and thirsty.  Time is so precious and our life a vapor that quickly passes (James 4:14) , make time to share His love.

May you bless and be blessed today.

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