Friday, August 2, 2013


Legacy...something received from an ancestor or predecessor.   Something you leave behind for loved ones.  But also, something we are remembered for by others.

My great grandpa probably gave me my curly hair.  He was from Ireland.  (My Aunt L'oreal gave me the red color.) I remember my grandma for being gentle spirited.

What traits will be remembered when we are gone?  If we agree that treasure on earth is corrupted by moths and rust (Matthew 6:19-21) then what is there to leave behind?

When others think of us do they recall a sweet savor of humility and grace or a nasty smell of bitterness?  Will they recall us as a loving, giving person or an argumentative, obstinate character?Will they remember you as one who creates strife or makes peace?

Do we pass on a trait of focusing only on earthly treasures and immediate gain?   Or do we pass on a legacy of loving and forgiving others because we have feared and loved the Lord? Do we earnestly seek to be like Christ and teach his ways to our children so they inherit our love for Him?

Inheritance...what will you leave behind?
May you bless others today.

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    Kim DeMasellis: Amen, what a great devotion, Tara and I are doing your devotion each day. What a blessing you are to us.