Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Year's Resolution & the Fear Factor

There is something enchanting about January 1st, a new year laying before us - without blemish or fracture.  A path waiting to explore, pursue and even dream. A time for New Year's resolutions, commitments and planning.  The New Year is like a piece of fresh white paper that can become a Mona Lisa, a Monet, or a paper airplane - depending on the hand that touches it.  I, like you, have my plans, purpose and dreams for this year.  But the other day as I was trying to establish my home work schedule.  I was frustrated by interruptions, some were welcomed, but the biggest frustration was the FEAR FACTOR.  The fear of FAILURE in my new endeavors.  Finally, I realized I was failing.  I was failing to include something in my planning.  I had not gone to the architect, the builder, the creator of all that is good for His encouragement. I was once again trying to do everything under ME-power.  You'd think at my age and years as a Christian I wouldn't need to be reminded about. . .
      Placing God first - even for encouragement!  Making him the foundation of any project is like buying one of those ubiquitous appliance warranties.   If something goes wrong - God is there to repair, to replace, to renew.  And he did send me encouragement through my oldest daughter.  She is a great cheerleader, strong Christian, and a motivator.  (You can meet her at
      Okay - so now God has the master blueprint, our new year is blank and clean. . .waiting for his hand to touch it. . . to create. . . to shape. . . to be meaningful. . . to direct our lives. . .  then why does  fear keep gripping our heart and hand and mind and stalling us from doing and achieving our best?       
       Because, if we ourselves are not a clean slate - then how can we expect a marvelous working within the New Year?  If our hearts are not clean and focused on God we cannot see the blueprint, much less follow it. This scripture from Psalm 51:10 reminds us  to be renewed for the New Year, and for each day.  We can start by letting God clean our hearts and renew the 'right' spirit.  And if we have the right spirit - nothing is impossible for God.  And according to Psalm 37:4 when we  ' Delight thyself also in the LORD. . . he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.'
      What do you want to commit to God this year?  Is it your FEAR factor?  Leave a comment to share.

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  1. Hi Laura, thanks for inviting us to the beautiful shower you hosted for Jenna and your soon-to-be 4th grandchild. The love and joy was palpable.

    Thanks too for the mini catch-up session. We'll do better, hopefully soon. Until then, here's my blog: If it connects with you, or anyone you know; great. If not, that's okay too.

    Take care.