Monday, October 31, 2011

FRIENDS and Giveaway

   I praise the Lord for my sisters in Christ.  My youngest daughter and I gave my oldest daughter a
baby sprinkle shower for her third child and first boy this past weekend.  Without even asking I had a dear lady say "what can I bring?', another called before coming to see if I had any last minute needs, and four ladies in the kitchen afterwards washing, drying and sweeping.  All without being asked!! And not to forget all the ladies who abundantly blessed my grandson to be. It reminds me of Jude 1:22 "And of some have compassion, making a difference. . ."  Sometimes we do not realize how we can help until we have been through a trial or situation ourself.  Then when we see someone else in that situation we know what can be done to help.  It just takes our compassion and willingness.  Have I made a difference for someone? Or am I too wrapped up in "my things"?   Lord, help me to be aware of the needs.        Now......just thinking about allllllll those leaves on our lawn and the mulching mower is broken. . . perhaps I can get a leaf party going???  Or maybe do the Tom Sawyer a leaf pile and start jumping in it....well if I did that - maybe someone would at least pick my broken bones up off the ground and get me to the hospital.    May you have the blessing today of good friends and labourers for Christ!!

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  1. It certainly is a blessing to be surrounded by a Christian community! We've been so blessed with good friends too. Thanks for the reminder to appreciate them!